Hello, fellow woodworkers!

For several years, I’ve offered a custom website for students and prospective students in my classes. Over the next few weeks, I’ll add more information, photos and details about my 2024 classes. My main 5-day class is September 16-20 at the Marc Adams School is building Arts and Crafts barstools. As always, there’s a lot to cover over the week so, it’s important for students to look ahead, be prepared, and gather materials and tools needed for the class project ahead of time.

Note: The focus on the barstool class is building the furniture is using modern methods like CNC patterns, custom fixtures, jigs, and techniques. A modern approach to furniture building that’s served me well throughout a long career. These are methods any woodworker can use. Though we may use CNCs and other digital tools, you do not need to have experience using digital tools to benefit from this class.

Over the next few days I’ll be adding images of the Greene & Greene Bar Stool we’ll build in the September. ┬áPlus, more details and photos for the two one-day weekend classes September 21 and 22.

Instead of a two-day weekend class, I’m doing two one day classes this year. The first is from a beginning to advanced 3D printing class with a focus on how woodworkers can use these tools. The second is a crash course in using and making the Maker Workstation. My latest workbench design. I’ll have more info soon. In the mean time, visit my digital woodworking website at woodworking.digital for photos, articles, and other information about this exciting new workbench designed for modern woodworkers and makers.

Finally, if there are any questions that you have about these classes, just let me know and I’ll try to help.

See you in September!