Class Follow Up

What now?

There’s been a couple of requests for copies of the slide deck that I used to outline the options when it comes to building or buying CNC machines. You can get the PDF file off this Class Follow Up page.

MASWW2016 Woodworking/CNC Slide Show

Since the last days of any Marc Adams class are always a bit too frantic, I wanted to follow up on a couple of issues.

Clamp Making Jig

The first is that most of the class built my jig for making clamps that can be used on a CNC that has a T-track base like the one at the school. As good as that jig is, it’s pretty much useless without the CAD and CNC files to actually make the clamps themselves. In the next few days I’m going to put up the CAD file with the clamps in position on the jig to be milled. With that will be instructions on how to set up your CAM program so you can mill the clamps out on your own CNC machines.

An even better offer, if you send me photos of your completed hall table project, I’ll even do the CAM work for you on your specific CNC machine and give you the Gcode needed to run out the clamps. You’ll need to let me know your specific CNC machine and how your X/Y lays out, etc so I can prepare the files properly for you.

And, more…

Finally, if there’s any specific questions that you have about what we’d discussed in the class or needed details on the class project, just let me know and I’ll try to help.